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As we know that we are living in a 21st century so our needs are increasing while our working power in=s increasing. We are trying to find solutions for everything what so ever i.e. to make our life easy. Although it helped in making our life easy but it also tends to disrupt the balance altogether. For Example, sometimes in a week, we use to go to the store to buy fruits, utilities, vegetables, etc. for our house but now we can do all that by ordering it online. And their delivery boy will come to drop off things at our doorstep. Also, due to this corona pandemic people are forced to work from their homes and now the companies love it i.e. they no longer have to pay them Travelling allowances, etc. Moreover, people are also liking this because they don’t have to go out of their homes to work rather all they need is to stay inside their comfy place and work and they will get the payment in their bank account and also they can buy the things online so in short, it is not wrong to say that we have become what is known as lazy and the major hand in making us lazy and fat is of the companies that provide us facilities like this. Now if you want to enhance your style which most of the people focus on doing then you can buy from which is the best online store for bracelets. This offer is valid not only for men but for women also. And believe the fashion trend has taken peek in the men during the last couple of years. They now focus on their preparation more than women. And it is justifiable i.e. who doesn’t want to look good. Everyone wants to be successful, appreciated for, etc. But in reality, they want more, they want to be praised and this is in every human being whether he admits It or not. Self-appraisal although is not good but people are fond of this, they say that they feel powerful and naturally when someone thinks of you big then you tend to feel big whether you are powerful or not but you will tend to seem powerful.

Effect of Beauty in Society:

In our society color is mostly preferred i.e. those whose color is dark tends to be criticized a lot for this and then he/ she is forced to use chemical creams which just distorts the skin, Although God says that His every creation is beautiful in his own way. No one can be discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, or color. This is just wrong.

But as we are moving forward i.e. in the 21st-century people are getting more and more confused about how to groom their beauty? How to be presentable for the women? How to get fall in love? Etc. Such thoughts are storming the people minds and to quench his thirst he spends thousands of Rupees and still he doesn’t seems to be contentful.