Marketing automation: the tool that will help you close more customers

There are many myths about marketing automation , so it is important to clarify what we are talking about.

The secret recipe of your digital marketing strategy

Many think that any actions taken automatically — follow-back or schedule posts — are already marketing automation, but they are just simple actions that we couldn’t consider effective automation.

Marketing automation requires analysis of people’s interactions with your company e.g skymarketing across different channels . Only in this way will it be possible to understand what stage your lead is in and make attractive offers.

Why invest in Marketing Automation?

Investing in marketing automation makes it possible to increase sales and revenue , decrease acquisition costs, and improve customer retention.

Let’s see more about each of these benefits.

Increase sales and revenue

Increasing sales and revenue should be in the goals of virtually any company. If the company already has a relevant lead base, marketing automation is a good way to get there.

This occurs in some ways, such as:

  1. Automation allows nurturing leads that are not ready

It is common to find the situation that the customer of blue world city

is not at the ideal time of purchase for different reasons.

In this case, they are leads that will not buy now, but may buy in the future. The relationship is still valuable in this situation, since often what is lacking is educating and providing more information to generate demand.

  1. More effectiveness in the sales funnel

We know that in any purchase there is a previous process that leaves information of the buyer, which is important to know how to analyze .

Through user behavior, marketing automation allows you to identify the buying stage and interests of each potential customer, sending the appropriate content to take it to the next stage.

  1. Smarter leads generate bigger tickets

Who do you imagine buys the most expensive wines? The one who does not understand much or the one who took courses, studied and became familiar with the subject?

The more you know about the subject and the more educated in it, the greater your tendency to recognize the problem and feel willing to invest in the capital smart city . If marketing automation guarantees this role, it is natural that at the time of purchase the tickets are greater.

Decrease acquisition cost

The efficiency and practicality of marketing automation also allow a considerable decrease in the cost per acquisition of a company.

We explain some reasons for this:

  1. Less recurring work for marketing

Much of the lead preparation that marketing should do for sales is done automatically. Of course there is a lot of effort in creating the “paths” that different leads must follow, but when adjusting those paths, you don’t have to start from scratch and create new things.

  1. Sellers receive the most prepared leads

Conversations with the salesperson are very different when the lead is beginning to uncover the issue than when they have investigated their needs and just want support in making the final decision.

If leads are better prepared, park view city need fewer stages and fewer contact hours to achieve the sale .

How to use the buying process to do good marketing automation planning

Let’s take a step back to understand the concept of the buying process before talking about planning an automation. Doing all the planning with this concept in mind helps to establish well the content that will be used to nurture your leads.

What is the purchase process?

The buying process is the path a buyer takes before buying. These are the stages that all buyers go through, in most cases without knowing that they are going through them.

By understanding your customer’s buying process, you know what type of information is most important to them and when that information is most important.

This process can be divided into 4 stages:

What does nutrition have to do with this?

Most companies end up dealing with leads in the final buying stage. They are those who request a budget, schedule meetings, etc. The problem with this approach is that most buyers are in other buying stages, not the final one.

The companies that carry out Inbound Marketing manage to attract leads in the initial stages of the purchase process, but, if a good relationship work is not done, the leads do not perceive the problem and the solution, so they do not advance towards the purchase stage .

Therefore, it is important to understand the buying process to “plant the doubt” in your lead’s head or to demonstrate a clear opportunity for improvement. Understanding the concept of the purchase process well allows for better use of the leads that are in the final stage of purchase and also the vast majority that are in the initial stages.

Main challenges to start implementing a marketing automation system

Challenge 1: define the strategy of your marketing automation campaign

The first stage is to be clear about your strategy and your goals with each of the marketing automation campaigns. From this it is easier to define the contents to be used, the expected results and other details of the campaign. One tip for this is to think and build one campaign at a time.

Challenge 2: decide what content to offer in each message

Delivering the right content in a timely manner to leads is the key to being efficient and having real results with automation.

To know what content to deliver, it is best to think about the purchase stage in which the lead is. If the latter just got to know your company and showed a little interest in the topic you are addressing, you should send him more general content to arouse a greater interest in that topic.

But, if the lead is already interested enough by the company, the content must be different. There is no point in receiving broad content, but rather something more direct that helps the lead to choose your company.

Challenge 3: write efficient messages

None of them like to have the impression that they received an automatic message, much less with the impression that the message was sent massively to thousands of people.

That is why it values ​​individuality , invest in a close and attractive language that motivates the relationship with your lead.


As we have seen, these are the first stages to start and develop your marketing automation strategy . If you are looking to improve the generation of leads in customers, you have to seriously consider the implementation of marketing automation, a process of the Inbound methodology that gains more followers for its effectiveness in optimizing processes and thus, in the long run, producing more sales.