Neapolitan pizza



Neapolitan pizza is one of the most classic and tasty pizzas ever. It is made with a base of pizza dough, seasoned with tomato puree scented with oregano and enriched with anchovies in oil and caper berries that give the pizza a strong flavor. In order not to cover the taste of these simple ingredients that bring us back to the flavors of the past, Neapolitan pizza was made without the addition of mozzarella, so it is also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. For a richer flavor, however, try Roman pizza, topped with mozzarella! 


Ingredients for 4 pizzas of 30 cm each
Flour 0 2 ¼ lbs (1 kg)
Water 2 ½ cups (600 g)
Brewer's yeast 1 ½ tsp (7 g)
Fine salt 3 ⅓ tsp (20 g)
Extra virgin olive oil 4 ½ tbsp (60 g)
For the topping
Tomato puree 3 cups (700 g)
Caper berries 24
Anchovies in oil 16 fillets
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt 3 ⅓ tsp (20 g)
Oregano 1.3 tbsp (10 g)
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Neapolitan pizza

To prepare the pizza dough, start by pouring the flour into the bowl of a mixer 1. Add the yeast 2 and 100 grams of water, then turn on the mixer fitted with the hook at medium low speed 3.

Proceed adding the water gradually, ensuring each addition is well absorbed by the flour before adding the next 4. Once you have poured about 3/4 of the water, add the salt 5 and continue kneading. Add the rest of the water in a thin stream and let it knead until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous 6.

Now add the oil gradually (as you did with the water) 7. When the oil has been completely absorbed, take the dough out of the mixer bowl and shape it into a ball with your hands 8. Place it in a large, slightly oiled bowl 9.

Cover with film or a clean cloth and leave to rise in the oven with the light on 10. Wait until the dough has at least doubled its volume (1.5 h), even better, tripled (2.5/3 h) and proceed with the preparation of the pizzas 11. Once the dough has risen, transfer it to the pastry board and divide it into 4 equal parts 12.

Roll each part into a ball 13. Cover with a clean cloth and leave to rest for 30 minutes 14. Lightly oil 4 12-inch (30 cm) pizza pans. Place a small ball of dough 15 in the center of each pizza pan.

and start pressing from the center outwards, pulling the sides slightly if necessary 16. If the dough is too elastic and tends to return to its previous shape, put aside the pizza you're rolling out and proceed to roll out another one, letting the previous one rest. Try to spread the dough over the entire surface of the pizza pan 17. Separately, in a large bowl, pour the tomato sauce and season it with salt, oil, pepper and oregano 18.

Pour a generous ladle of tomato sauce on the base of the pizza 19 and spread it in a circular motion, covering almost the entire area, leaving only a 2/3-inch (1.5 cm) rim 20. Cut the caper berries in half 21 and put them aside.

Now season with the anchovies 22, caper berries cut in half and a drizzle of oil 23. Let the seasoned pizza rest for about ten minutes, then bake at 400°F (210°C) for 15/20 minutes in a static oven (370°F (190°C) if you use a convection oven for about 15 minutes). As soon as you take the Neapolitan pizza out of the oven, serve it immediately 24.


Neapolitan pizza can be cooked halfway then frozen. To enjoy it, let it thaw at room temperature, then finish baking it in the oven before serving!


If you use salted capers, remember to wash them well under running water and dry them slightly before putting them on the pizza.