Chickpea soup



Some people just cannot say no to soup. It has the power to warm the hands, the body, and last but not least, the heart. Everyone has his or her favorite from  farmer's soup, probably the classic of the classics, to those with legumes and grains. But among all vegetable, grain and meat-based soups (yes, because there are also seafood soups, like mussel soup), there is one that rises above the others: chickpea soup. It might be the simplest and most humble, but it is the best. Some even say that those looking for cuddles actually want chickpeas, to be enjoyed in a soup or, more simply, with tomato puree. So, calling chickpea soup a dish with a nostalgic allure is absolutely correct, wouldn't you agree? Here is our recipe, let us know if it warmed your heart too.

Dried chickpeas 10 ½ oz (300 g)
Carrots 1
Celery 1 rib
White onions ½
Leeks 1
Extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp
Rosemary 2 sprigs
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Bay leaves 2 leaves
Vegetable broth 1 ½ quart (1.5 l)
Tomato puree ¼ cup (60 g)

How to prepare Chickpea soup

To prepare the chickpea soup, start by soaking the chickpeas. Pour them into a large bowl, cover with water 1 and allow to rehydrate for at least 12 hours 2. After the time has elapsed, warm up a pot of vegetable broth. Meanwhile, drain 2 and rinse the chickpeas. Then clean the leek by removing the two ends 3,

then cutting vertically 4 to eliminate the first two leaves. Finally cut the leek into thin slices 5. Peel the celery and remove the outer, fibrous part with a potato peeler 6,

then mince it finely 7. Continue by peeling and chopping the onion 8 and the carrot 9.

Pour the oil into a saucepan, warm it up, and then add the chopped celery, carrot, onion and leek 10. To soften the vegetables, add a ladle of hot broth 11 and continue cooking for about ten minutes. Add in the chickpeas 12 and let them brown for a few minutes.

Then add bay leaves and rosemary tied with some kitchen twine 13. Cover the chickpeas with hot vegetable broth 14 and add the tomato puree 15.

Mix and cover the pan with a lid 16. Cook over low heat for about 2 - 2.5 hours, adding broth as needed. At the end of cooking, remove the herbs 17 and adjust the salt and pepper before serving. Your chickpea soup is ready, and can be accompanied by croutons if you prefer. Enjoy your meal 18!


You can store chickpea soup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a couple of days at most. If there is soup left over, you can freeze it after cooking.


Pair the soup with fragrant bread croutons to complete the dish. If you use already boiled chickpeas, you can use twice the indicated amount making sure to reduce the cooking time.