Chickpea and pumpkin soup



When the air starts to turn crisper, the days begin to grow shorter, and the nature all around us becomes tinged with the warm and enveloping colors of fall, there’s nothing better than heading home in the evening to warm up with a steaming hot bowl of tasty, hearty soup. In fact, this fall foliage season has inspired the ingredients for many a healthy and tasty first course, such as our chickpea and pumpkin soup‚ the ideal comfort food for the first bouts of cold weather: creamy and aromatic, and best served hot, maybe with a handful of fragrant toasted croutons. This delicious fall soup is a bona fide warm hug in a bowl that you can really savor, guaranteed to help you regenerate and recharge!

Delica pumpkin 1 ⅓ lb (600 g) - (to be cleaned)
Precooked chickpeas 14 oz (400 g) - (drained)
Chard 3 ½ oz (100 g)
Yellow onions 2 cups (100 g)
Juniper berries 3
Bay leaves 2
Water 6 ½ cups (1.5 l)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Chickpea and pumpkin soup

To make the chickpea and pumpkin soup, first peel the onion and slice it thinly 1. Next, take your pumpkin, cut it in half, then remove the seeds from inside 2, along with the skin 3; you’ll need to end up with 1 lb (430 g) of clean pumpkin.

Cut the flesh, first into slices 4 and then into cubes 5. Wash the chard and cut into thin strips 6.

Pour the olive oil into a pan, then add the sliced onion and the juniper berries 7. Allow to brown over low heat until the onion has softened. At this point, add the pumpkin 8, brown over medium heat, and add with a little of the water 9.

Add the chickpeas 10, chard strips 11, salt, pepper and the rest of the water needed for cooking 12.

Season with the bay leaves 13, mix everything together, cover with a lid 14, and cook on high heat for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes are up, remove the lid and continue to cook for a further 15 minutes. Remove the bay leaves 15

and juniper berries 16 and serve your soup with a drizzle of uncooked oil 17 and a twist of black pepper. Your pumpkin and chickpea soup is ready to serve 18.


The pumpkin and chickpea soup will keep in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap for a couple of days. It can also be frozen.


For a tasty alternative, try baking your soup in the oven, in single-portion bowls, grating a generous amount of Gruyere cheese on top of each one (similar to when you make French onion soup), or simply serve it with tasty homemade bread croutons baked in the oven with rosemary and a very thin slice of lard.