Cheesy potato croquettes



Cheesy potato croquettes are a tantalizing fried snack that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With our recipe, you’ll get tasty results that are guaranteed to be a hit: crispy golden-breaded bites surrounding a melting cheesy filling. They’ll be impossible to resist as a delicious appetizer: a new, jazzed-up take on the typical street food croquettes. Let your taste buds be tempted by this inviting snack and find out how to fry them just right so you get a dry, crispy coating.


Red potatoes 2 ¼ lbs (1 kg)
Egg yolks 2 (30 g)
Grana Padano DOP cheese 1 cup (100 g)
Nutmeg to taste
Black pepper to taste
Fine salt to taste
Fontina cheese ⅓ lb (180 g)
For breading and frying
Eggs 2 (130 g) - medium
Breadcrumbs to taste
Sage to taste
Thyme to taste
Rosemary to taste
Peanut seed oil to taste

How to prepare Cheesy potato croquettes

To make the cheesy potato croquettes, first wash the potatoes under running water to remove any traces of dirt, then cook them by placing in a large pot and covering with water, without peeling them first 1; use potatoes that are as similar in size as possible so they cook evenly. They will take around 40 minutes to cook if you boil them, or about half that if you use a pressure cooker. When they’re ready, let them cool slightly (just enough so you can handle them comfortably). Chop the herbs 2 and transfer them to a baking dish together with the breadcrumbs 3. 

Cut the fontina cheese into slices 4 and then sticks around ¼ inch x 1 inch (7/8 mm x 2.5 cm) 5. Pass the potatoes through a potato ricer to get a purée while they’re still warm 6.

Now add the grated cheese 7, nutmeg 8, salt, and egg yolks 9.

Stir with a spoon to combine all the ingredients and get a smooth, dry mixture. Take a portion of this mixture around 1¼ oz (35 g) 10. Squash it to form a little patty, then place the stick of fontina in the middle 11 and enclose it well as you shape the croquette 12.

Roll the croquette gently to give it a cylindrical shape 13, with the two ends flattened slightly. Arrange the croquettes on a tray as you form them. The quantities in this recipe will give you around 32 croquettes 14. Once you’ve formed all the croquettes, it’s time to bread them: Prepare two bowls, one with the beaten eggs seasoned with salt and the other with the breadcrumbs and herbs. First dip each croquette into the egg 15.


Then dredge in the breadcrumb and herb mixture 16. Arrange the breaded croquettes on a tray lined with parchment paper 17. Once they’ve all been breaded, heat plenty of peanut oil in a pot that’s not too big. When it’s reached 340°F (170°C), add 3-4 croquettes to the pot at a time so that the oil doesn’t cool down too much 18.

As the croquettes cook, turn them using a skimmer until they’re nice and golden on all sides. Drain 19 and place on a plate covered with paper towel 20. Serve your cheesy potato croquettes while they’re still hot 21!


We recommend eating these cheesy potato croquettes as soon as they’re ready. You can freeze them before cooking and then cook them straight from frozen, making sure to keep the oil at a slightly lower temperature.


If you’d like to try the baked version as well, cook the croquettes in the oven for 20 minutes at 350°F (180°C), drizzled with oil. They might flatten out a little, but they’ll taste just as good!