Cashew chicken



Fascinated by oriental cuisine? Who can blame you? With its spicy perfumes, sweet or savory sauces, Asian dishes are much loved all around the world. Today we present you with a recipe that is similar to the Chinese cuisine classic, almond chicken, but with a little Thai twist: cashew chicken. There are many versions of this recipe too; to really bring out the flavor, we opted for the savory notes of soy sauce and the essential fresh and pungent touch of ginger, which skilfully enhance the flavor of tender chicken pieces and toasted cashews. A simple dish, perfect for your themed dinners: you'll impress your friends with a special dish, strictly served with chopsticks!

Chicken breast 1 lb (700 g) - breast
Leeks 3 oz (100 g)
Cashews cup (100 g)
Garlic 1 clove
Ginger 1 tbsp (10 g)
Rice flour ⅔ cup (80 g)
Extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp (10 g)
Water 4 tbsp (60 g)
Soy sauce 3 tbsp (50 g)
Fine salt to taste

How to prepare Cashew chicken

To prepare cashew chicken, place the cashews in a pan 1 and toast them on a high flame for a few minutes 2. Rinse the leek under running water and remove the outermost leaves, then tip both the end with the root and the end with the dark green leaves, thinly slice 3 and leave it to one side.

Now prepare the chicken breast: cut it into cubes 4, place inside a colander and add the rice flour 5; thoroughly coat the chicken pieces in the flour, stir and shake the colander to remove the excess flour; leave the flour-coated chicken pieces to one side. Place a large pan on the stove and heat the olive oil on a low flame 6,

flavor with the fresh grated ginger 7, squeeze and add a garlic clove 8, then add the chicken 9.

Brown the chicken for a few minutes on a medium flame, then drizzle with the soy sauce 10, add the sliced leek 11 and the water, simmer and reduce 12.

Cook for another 10 minutes to reduce the sauce. Lastly, add the toasted cashews 13 and salt to taste (be sure to taste as soy sauce is salty) 14. Serve the chicken with cashews nice and hot 15!


Cashew chicken can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days in a sealed container, or covered with plastic wrap. Freezing is not recommended.


Instead of leek you could use fresh spring onion, and for those of you who can't do without a spicy note, simply add a pinch of peperoncino!